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Renew Packaging manufactures compostable film which can be used for several products such as shopping bags, trash liners or agriculture film. Unlike regular plastic, Renew Bags are 100% compostable bags made with resin derived from vegetable and plant starches and compostable polymers which can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soils.

Renew Packaging’s sole purpose is compostable products.

Our team has the experience and expertise to design and recommend the appropriate compostable bag for your business with specific customization available. Renew Packaging has grown with several vertical markets including but not limited to grocers, food service, hospitals, retailers and commercial establishments.

All of our products have been certified compostable to meet ASTM D6400 composting standards. 

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Compostable Logo program is recognized throughout North America (from San Francisco to Prince Edward Island in Canada) as the standard for approved biodegradable products in organics diversion programs.

Renew Packaging was awarded a BPI certificate with # 10528508.




Our Products

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Our Cradle to Cradle Approach

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Bio based polymers that are derived from renewable resources such as sugar, starch or
NON GMO corn. Compared to traditional plastic it can reduce over 40% CO2 emissions.
Contain no phthalate, no BPA and are non-toxin and pollution free.

Blown Film

Pellets are blown into sheet film which can be used for several products such
as shopping bags, trash can liners, food packaging or agriculture film. Film has
performance barrier properties, high heat resistance and excellent odor barrier.


Bags can be printed with soy based inks on different color film and a variety of ink colors.
Renew bags have similar durability and performance characteristics when compared to
non-compostable plastic (polyethylene) based bags.


Compostable bags are the single-largest application use for compostable materials.
The driver for this market is the ongoing need to reduce and eliminate organics
(food scraps and yard waste) from municipal waste streams and landfills. 90% of us
re-use our shopping bags for several applications such as lunch bags, gym bags, etc.

Process of Composting

Renew Bags are compostable so can be reused a third time to collect compostable
material. Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into
a nutrient rich soil amendment. Anything that was once living will decompose.
Composting is done by mixing various organic materials together in a bin, heap or
long row to create a controlled biological decomposition.


A natural organic soil supplement, improves soil quality without the use of
chemical fertilizers. It also helps to control erosion, reduces the need for
watering and improves air quality by mitigating the production of methane gas,
a potent, harmful green-house gas. The application of compost to our lands
closes the loop on the natural bio-cycle just as Mother Nature intended.



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